Maria Rosaria Caputo

Maria Rosaria Caputo

Puesto de trabajo

PhD Student

Maria Rosaria Caputo earned her B. Sc. in Industrial Chemistry by the University of Naples ‘’Federico II’’ in June 2016. The bachelor thesis project focused on the study of the structure and the morphology of isotactic polypropylene from Ziegler-Natta catalysis in presence of nucleating agents.

In March 2019 she obteined her Master Degree in Science and Technology of Industrial Chemistry (Polymers Science Curriculum) by the University of Naples ‘’Federico II’’.  This project focused on the morphology of multiblock ethylene/1-octene copolymers from ‘’chain-shuttling’’ polymerization.

Both the projects have been carried out under the supervision of Professors C. De Rosa, F. Auriemma and R. Di Girolamo.

Since November 2019 she is a Ph.D. student in Polymer Science at POLYMAT under the supervision of Professor A.J. Müller and Dr. H. Sardon.

Formakuntza eta ibilbidea
Formación y trayectoria

Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry

Master in Polymer Science

PhD Student in Polymer Science

Bokazioa / motibazioa
Vocación / motivación

I started to approach the world of chemistry a little for fun, but later, I was fascinated by it because, thanks to my field of research and my studies, I can get to know a material thoroughly, understand its properties and hypothesize a possible application .

Ikerketa-taldea eta ikerketa-lerroak
Grupo de investigación y líneas de investigación

The first group deals with the synthesis of sustainable polymeric materials, starting from the choice of the suitable catalyst up to the complete work up of a polymerization reaction.

The second group, on the other hand, studies the properties and structure of polymeric materials to understand their possible applications.

Being part of both groups allows me to have a complete view of all aspects of the life of a material.

Alderdi aipagarriak
Aspectos destacables

During my project I am studying aliphatic, synthetic and commercial polymers and copolymers, to understand their probable use in 3D printing.

Etorkizunari begira…
Mirando al futuro…

For my future I hope to continue to remain in the field of research but I would like to do it on an industrial level.