Raffaele Russo

Raffaele Russo

Puesto de trabajo

PhD in the department of Mechanical Engineering @ UPV/EHU in Bilbao;

Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering @ Federico II University in Naples (Italy), Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Materials and Structures @ TuDelft in Delft, the Netherlands;

Bokazioa / motibazioa
Vocación / motivación

I find it stimulating for the mind to dig deep into a subject and to investigate over things that have never been researched before. It is a continuous learning process.

Ikerketa-taldea eta ikerketa-lerroak
Grupo de investigación y líneas de investigación

I am mainly working with my supervisor @ UPV/EHU and with the other my supervisor @ MINES ParisTech, in which there exist a research group highly involved in the kind of research that I am doing. My focus is in the numerical modelling of not-classical material behavior.

Alderdi aipagarriak
Aspectos destacables

The organizers of the whole ENABLE project, thanks to the dense network of collaborations characterizing this framework, planned a period of cumulative 10 months of secondments. This gave me large exposure to both academia and companies and it will be extremely useful to me for my future choices.

Europako proiektuak
Proyectos europeos

My projects is to develop a theory that can be used to simulate manufacturing operations on metal alloys. The classical theories (which are successfully used for many other applications) fail to deliver reliable simulations in particular conditions of high temperatures and body deforming too fast. After developing such theory, I will implement it into a software to indeed simulate the manufacturing operations.

Etorkizunari begira…
Mirando al futuro…

As I said earlier, the large amount of exposure to both academia and industy gave the chance to decide in which direction I would like to steer my career. I hope to make a difference with my research and to pass on what I learned to future researchers and, in order to do so, joining a career in academia would be my best fit.